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As a lot of you know, we’ve been in business since 1998. We were one of the first ecommerce food sites and have made many friends along the way. And if you’ve been with us for a while, you know my mother pretty much ran the day to day operations, balancing the checkbook, keeping up with inventory, and all of the shipping. She was retired and she got those orders out PDQ! I often heard, “How’d you get that to me the very next day??!!!”…she was dedicated to our customers satisfaction to say the least. She left me to do the heavy lifting like stocking shelves, dealing with manufacturers, and all of the internet related “stuff”.

   Unfortunately she passed away in April, just a few days shy of her 80th birthday. We miss her a lot around here and especially all the duties she performed for our little company. She was dedicated to our operation and in the early years we did many shows to promote our products and it gave us a chance to work together and have fun. It brought us closer together and when my kids were old enough to help, it added yet another aspect to bringing our family close. Food shows, junior league shows, food festivals, Christmas shows, you name it, if we could get our food in people’s mouths, we were usually there. It was quite a run and I’m glad we had the time together. 

Problem is, now I’m on the back side of 50, my kids are gone, and I don’t want to do the shows anymore. And I actually pulled the products from the few retail stores I had them in a couple of years back…took up too much time and effort. And, although this company is my baby, my interests have expanded into starting an internet marketing firm. (having websites for nearly 20 years, you learn a thing or two about the internet!) I’m still filling orders from the website but that’s about all I want to do at this point. 

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SO…with that said…

I’m looking for a person (or a few people) that would like to, while not necessarily take over my business, have an interest in promoting Tuldys products. The Christmas season can be very profitable for someone willing to put some effort into doing the shows. Most of you probably don’t know  but I wrote a book back in 2003 entitled, “Start your own food company, from your kitchen counter to the checkout counter”. Yes, it was an ebook long before the Kindle was ever dreamed up. It was available for download to your computer with about 50 links out of the book for reference.(this was long before you could research everything on Google) Made me a lot of money and it pretty much gives the history of my food company. If you are the least bit interested in pursuing this, or just want to start your own food company, I will be glad to email you a copy of the ebook. 

My thought is this, I send you cases of product at 100 items per case (that’s how I get them) at a reasonable wholesale price. You mark them up 100% at the shows. I will have orders sent directly from the manufacturer to your door. I will coach you and help you in any way I can. I will also build you a website at my expense for your reorders. You will find that I am honest almost to a fault when it comes to business related things. If you are interested at all, please feel free to give me a call to discuss anything and/or everything and to be sent my ebook.

thank you

Bob lauck



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